Frequently-Asked Questions

Does this really check if the Internet is up?


Does it check the whole Internet?

Technically speaking, it only checks that portion of the Internet that is visible to you. But that's the only part that's important, right?

Is it possible that the checks are delayed?

No, the checks are performed in real-time, every time you load this page.

Why should I trust you?

Because routers and things.

What happens if I don't understand English?

The site will adjust its analysis for your browser's specified language. It currently supports multiple languages, including Russian and Chinese.

How much does this cost?

I don't charge for this service. For me, it's enough to know that there are legions of adoring fans who, thanks to my hard work, now know that the Internet is still functioning.

How are you able to test the whole Internet?

I have a strong background in Internet. Also, HTTP.